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WSCC Elections Manifesto

by Frances Haigh on 7 March, 2017



The Conservatives have run West Sussex for years, but more and more people are now questioning whether they really put local people first.

Cllr Dr James Walsh says, “You don’t have to look very hard to see just how far the Tories have gone in reducing local services!”

“Whether it’s closing our local rubbish tips two days a week and introducing a “Tip Tax”; failing to secure adequate funding from the government for our schools; drastically reducing elderly social care provision over the last 6 years; increasing allowances paid to senior Conservative councillors; or wasting money on hiring and firing so many chief officers; the Conservatives do not have their priorities right.”

“The future is even bleaker, with £500m of painful Tory government NHS cuts across Sussex in the next 5 years. Our roads are deteriorating, our rail service is a shambles, and our young people cannot afford rocketing housing costs.”

The Liberal Democrats are holding the Conservatives to account at every level, and putting our alternatives forward. We are challenging poor and expensive decisions, working hard to support our communities, standing up for our residents and local businesses, and campaigning for schools, surgeries and other infrastructure that our growing towns need. The Liberal Democrats are the effective opposition at County Hall, UKIP have made no impact whatever and Labour only come from Crawley.

The Liberal Democrats have launched our Manifesto for West Sussex. We have heard from many people about what matters to them and we offer our alternative, with positive actions that we will take to improve West Sussex and deliver the services we all need.

We are asking local residents to take a fresh look at the Liberal Democrats, and to ‘make the difference’ on 4th May, by electing more local Liberal Democrat County Councillors elected to ‘FIGHT FOR YOU’ and not against your best interests.

Liberal Democrat 2017 County Council Manifesto

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