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Alternative Strategy for Horsham

by Frances Haigh on 21 January, 2014

The Horsham District Planning Framework Preferred Strategy was issued for consultation in August 2013. There have been many objections to this from residents and organisations alike. Many of the councillors for Horsham Town and Broadbridge Heath believe there should have been alternative options put forward for consideration.

An alternative strategy has been prepared by some councillors to open up the debate and help to ensure that the final strategy is acceptable to the majority of the community. The link to the document is here:-

Horsham District Planning Framework Alternative Strategy Jan 2014.


2 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    On a first quick read this document makes far more sense than the official “discussion” document. Congratulations and thank you to those involved. That said, many of the proposed stipulations would be nice to have, but might prove rather onerous in practice. These are mainly green/sustainability issues which most of us would support in principle but added together they might prove to be stumbling blocks to rapid implementation of the plan. Perhaps some form of prioritisation could be used so that the really important items didn’t get lost among the less essential ones.

    • Frances Haigh says:

      Hello Bob
      Thank you for getting in touch about the Alternative Strategy. We are aiming for more press coverage shortly to address the key areas. The most important point is that there should be an alternative on the table so that there is a choice and so that we have all considered other options. The proposal for North Horsham in the Preferred Strategy would have dire consequences for the future of this area, and we do not believe it is necessary for the delivery of the housing numbers.
      Kind regards

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